A Biker Shorts Moment

I know I’m definitely not the only one whose‘s excited for the spring season! I love spring because for one I can finally get rid of my puffy coats and winter boots taking up closet space. Aside from the beautiful warmer weather that spring has to offer, there are a few trends to look out for:


Scarf print pattern

Color blocking


Mixed patterns


And of corse the biker shorts AKA bike shorts!

Ok, some of you know already that I’m a "gym rat”, So this biker short trend is definitely a yes for me! Because I can wear them to workout. I had fun styling this look because I was going for a chill vibe but business casual ish. I love an oversized blazer because they are so comfy and effortless. After pairing it with the bike shorts, it was A LOOK!!!

I styled mine with a Fila T-shirt, black pumps and a men’s blazer! with some hoops and a Durag. I choose these Pumps as oppose to sneakers because I wanted to add some class.

The Bike shorts without the blazer and heels is just a workout fit. I don't want to entirely look like I am going to the gym, but at the same time trying not to look like I’m going to my 9-5.

This look is what I call the "I have a business meeting right now but also a soul cycle class in an hour" you can wear these Bike shorts with a cute crop top and snakers and throw on some shades, or you can just style it like me!

Until next time,



Bike Shorts: Yamamay

Hoops: Beauty supply store

Necklace: ASOS

Blazer: Untuckit

Durag: Amazon

T-shirt: Fila

pumps: Banana republic

Until next time,


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