My Derma Roller Experience

Words by Maimuna Hamidu-Bawa

I remember when derma rollers/derma rolling was all the rage a few years back and how revolutionary it was within the YouTube community. Here was a product that promised to solve just about all of your skin problem. Enlarged pores, textured skin and hyperpigmentation could all be fixed with simple tool like the derma roller. I thought I’d finally found the answer to all my skin problems. For those of you who don’t know what a derma roller is, it’s a handheld roller device covered in micro needles. Derma rolling is the process of creating minor injure to the skin with a derma roller. The process helps boost collage production within the skin, which in turn help the skin to have a better texture and appear. This tool can be used for skin problems that were perviously mention as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars and for hair loss and growth.

After watching countless YouTube videos, I finally ordered a derma roller. Incorporating the tool into my skin regime was easy enough, but truthfully at the time I lacked the knowledge to use the device effectively and correctly. Upon receiving my derma roller I immediately started using it, mind you I wasn’t disinfecting the tool properly. I would literally run it under hot water for less than ten second yikes, but luckily I’d never had a bad reaction from not cleaning the tool properly. However I did have a horrific breakout from using the dermaroller too aggressively. That particular evening I was frustrated because I wasn’t seeing the results fast enough, I had the bright idea of spending over 10 minutes derma rolling my face. By the time I was done my face was stinging and bleeding in certain areas, however I wasn’t too worried since I figured nothing bad would happened. The following morning I woke up to tiny little angry bumps all over my face, I was mortified, they looked like tiny rashes all spread across my face. I tired everything I could think of in attempts of getting rid of the rashes, while in actually they were wound from using the dermaroller too forcefully. After about a week and a half my skin finally cleared and to my surprise it looked amazing. Some of my dark marks had faded my skin appeared bright and supple. After using the derma roller a few time after the incident I stopped due to it being too time consuming. However I recently just purchased another dermaroller and am very excited to use it the right way.


1. The dermaroller range from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. 0.2mm being the least painful in my opinion and 3.0mm being the most painful

2. It’s important to do your research on this product and follow the institutions exactly as instructed .

3. Disinfect the device with rubbing alcohol placing it in a clean bowl for before using the device 30 minutes and repeating the same step after you are done using the device.

4. Make sure to cleanse your face before and after using the device.

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